Could you help us keep track on the wild moorland ponies in Cornwall?

Volunteers for pony watch 

Do you like to walk or drive the countryside?
Do you often walk your dog on the local moors?
Perhaps you ride over them on horse back or mountain bike?

We are looking for some kind people who would be interested in keeping a close eye on the ponies who live out on the moors and keep us updated and informed about any that may require our help.

You would be presented with an information pack with guidance, including what to look for and how to keep us updated. Expenses for travel and postage can be arranged.

This information would then be investigated by our welfare team and we will inform the area welfare officer.

Your time and information could mean the difference between a pony suffering in silence or getting the help it deserves.

If you are interested, please contact or give us a call on 07539916048