A gift in your will is an investment in our future. In making a Will, naturally your first priority has to be taking care of your family and loved ones. If you don’t have a Will, having one written is a lot easier than you think through your chosen solicitor. If you wish to add a gift to The Hugs Foundation into your existing Will then you can do this through a simple written instruction called a ‘codicil’. Gifts left in Wills help in many of ways and all can be controlled by you:
  • you may choose to have your gift used by for the general work of the whole service The Hugs Foundation provide.
  • you may prefer to define the area in which your gift is used such as a particular project, building or animal.
  If you can include The Hugs Foundation in your Will, by whichever means you choose, you will be supporting our future and we couldn’t be anymore grateful. We constantly need funds to cover the cost of the equines medical care, food and bedding. We also need funding  to ensure we can offer intervention to children and adults who need mental health support or voluntary placements.

Click on the photo above to access the ‘Leaving a gift in you will’ paperwork. Or click the link below.


This document can only be accessed via laptop or computer. If you would like a copy via mobile then email gemma@hugsfoundation.org.uk or ring 07539916048