Dartmoor Ponies Need Your Help

Many of you may be aware that the horse market season is upon us. Many of horses and ponies will be drifted from the moor and end up at the market. The ponies that end up at the market are normally stallions, unclaimed or simply not wanted. Farmers will separate the herds and decide which ones are more likely to sell at the market. Many of them tend to be very young and some should still be feeding off of their mothers. This is where we step in! Over the last two years we have rescued over 20 horses from the moors. Many of them needing special veterinary care and specialist feeds. Without the extra support these horses received from Hugs their future would have been very uncertain. We are due to visit Chagford market on the 10th October were we could potentially open up our doors to a large number of ponies. They will not sell for a lot of money but their after care they receive here at Hugs will cost a lot. If you could save one life please let it be a moorland pony who just wants to understand the love and warmth of a human. Please head to our donation page to help us help them.