The amazing Liz Nolan Theatre Dance School have very kindly chosen Hugs as their Charity to raise funds for from their show on Saturday 2nd of May 2020 at either 2pm or 7pm. Get your tickets booked!! They are fab shows, Liz has been raising money for charities through her dance and drama shows for over 30 years so please support them and Hugs, whilst having a lovely day out at the theatre 💚

Synopsis – Long, long ago when the earth was young and Mother Nature breathed life into the land making this an idyllic place. Then at the beginning…. the witches came causing destruction and fear. A sorceress cast a powerful spell trapping the witches inside a mighty oak tree. And so they remained for many years until one day, an unsuspecting girl untied the enchanted rope around the tree releasing the witches. What will happen to the children now? Can the witches be defeated?