The Coronavirus isn’t just affecting one type of person or business, it is affecting absolutely everyone in some shape or form. We have come to the very difficult decision to close our doors on a temporary basis, to our well-being interventions, events, public visits and visits off-site. Sadly, for Hugs (as a small Charity), this has impacted us already because our income has reduced dramatically and therefore, we have had to put a plan in place that reflects the speed at which the matter is escalating to ensure that the Charity does all it can to survive.

The Government is working to help everyone, but sadly Charities are so far, not on their radar. This has meant we have had to lay off (temporarily) nearly half our staff and reduce working hours and wages for others. We are absolutely heartbroken having to do this as this impact those we support who desperately need our help, but we have no other choice, we have to survive so we can continue to help both horses and humans.

We are extremely concerned about the impact that this will have on our vulnerable children and adults and everyone’s well-being in general. As we are social beings, lack of social interaction will have a detrimental effect on everyone’s well-being. For our children and vulnerable adults, it will be devastating as many face extremely difficult family situations already and have complex mental health needs.

Hugs is determined to carry on its mission to help animal and human welfare and well-being and keep everyone in touch with the Charity. Therefore, we will be posting two social media posts a day – one for our animal welfare side so you can see all our lovely rescues and follow their stories and the second to reach our children and other followers to help with their well-being during this unsettling time. You will see videos, daily challenges and activity ideas that can be carried out in your home and garden.

Our staff are dedicated to our animals, participants in Hugs well-being programmes and our much-valued supporters. We will continue to reach people by whatever means that we can and care for and rehabilitate our rescue horses.

From all at Hugs stay safe and be kind to yourselves and one another.

In the meantime, meet Primrose, a little bundle of joy in these difficult times.