Absolutely massive thank you to Network for Animals and all their supporters for raising funds to enable us to rescue 4 abandoned ponies. Your work is imperative and the difference you make to animals lives is incredible. Huge thank you also, to SAFE (Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines) who made it all possible with all their hard work ensuring they got to us safely. We are very happy to announce these ponies are now at Hugs and receiving the care, kindness and love they so badly needed.

There were originally 5 ponies but one was so badly injured it had to sadly be put to sleep. Many charities are full and because of the crisis impacting everyone’s funding, there was nowhere for these ponies to go and they were destined to be put to sleep.

Amazingly, because of people like you, these ponies have been given a second chance and are now on their journey to recovery, rehabilitating at Hugs.Thank you for your kind donations in such hard times 💚

If anyone would like to help with their ongoing care costs and our other rescue ponies/animals during theses difficult times, please click on the link below. You are changing lives, thank you from all at Hugs.


💚 There is hope and kindness in this world. Together we will get through this 💚