Last year we rescued several abandoned ponies. 4 were pregnant. 3 have now had their beautiful foals during the coronavirus outbreak, one of which is the lovely Tia’s, who has been incredibly poorly through her pregnancy, so we have everything crossed that her and her baby stay healthy. One more to go!

Each foal costs approximately £880 in it’s first 6 months. That’s £3520 for all 4 and that’s without the responsibility of castration or complications.

Please support these foals so they can have the best start in life and the best chance of being ready in the future to find their loving forever homes. The Hugs Foundation will give them an amazing beginning to their life, one that was destined to have been very different, had they not been rescued. We think you can all agree that they are absolutely gorgeous and following their story will be amazing and help keep peoples spirits up in the current circumstances.

Here’s the link to donate:

Thank you for your kindness and welcome to the Hugs family .