Noddy Desperately Needs Our Help to Save His Life

Noddy has been surrendered to Hugs as his owner could no longer care for him due to their own ill health. He sadly has severe laminits, a life threatening and very painful condition that is caused by inflammation in the horses foot. It can be triggered by different things, but most cases are through the horse or pony being overweight from particularly rich sugary grazing or overfeeding.

Noddy has been very well loved but sadly a bit too much as he is grossly overweight and has had some poor foot care, which has caused his laminitis. Because he is in so much pain, he has been walking with all his weight on his heels. Imagine walking on your heels 24/7! This has caused a rotation of his pedal bone, which is now fractured from the pressure. His soles are also very thin, causing more pain when he walks.

For many ponies, this would have been a very bleak future but our vet has given Noddy a good prognosis, providing he can get the specialist shoes, treatment and diet that he so badly needs. He has already had x-rays and diagnosis from the vet so that bill will be around £350 and he will have to have more to see if there are any changes to his pedal bone. He will also need very specialist shoes, including pads, every 6 weeks for at least 6 months at £200 a time. All this adds up to a minimum of £1,500. If left untreated Noddy would have had a certain fate of having to be put to sleep but with your help, we can give him a future and a happy, pain free life.

*Update – He has now been with us for a few weeks and is currently on our restricted grazing track and has already lost 25 kilos so is heading in the right direction.

Noddy is a cheeky pony, full of life and personality. He can be saved, with your help, and rehabilitated to find his forever family. If you can, please donate to our appeal for Noddy and watch him on his journey to recovery. Thank you for your kindness and for believing in Hugs.