On Saturday morning (11th December 2021), the Hugs team rescued 6 miniature Shetlands and a donkey who were in urgent need of being rescued into our Charity as their elderly owner could sadly no longer care for their welfare.

The owner had previously rescued them from several horrible situations and had taken them under her wing in a little herd for years. Unfortunately, the owners husband is very poorly and she needs to care for him at home. To add to this her own physical health means caring for so many ponies (in winter too!) has proven just too difficult.

Unsure of where to turn, the owner had considered having the ponies put to sleep to ensure they never fell into the wrong hands, and so the ponies fate was extremely uncertain, given the number in need of finding forever homes.

The Hugs team do everything we can to help an animal in need so when we were contacted about this emergency, we couldn’t think to not help, given the alternative. The ponies are relatively young still and have a lot of happy years ahead of them.

The team at Hugs is only small and works so hard to help so many animals and people in distress. These 7 new rescues mean we now have over 70 animals on-site to care for. Some of the 7 rescued today will never be able to be rehomed, due to their conditions, which puts more pressure on Hugs funding and the staff themselves to care for them throughout their years. We need your help to continue this vital work.

All ponies and Oscar the donkey are currently in isolation and undergoing initial assessments. They all need passports, microchips, vaccines, full health checks, dentist, farrier and it is clear that some are in need or x-rays and remedial work and/or treatment. Igor, the tiny grey (white) pony has a very strange way of walking and potentially has dwarfism, so will need to see our vet to see what’s going on and if he is in any pain.

Please help where you can, either as a one off donation to help pay towards everything needed to get some of the ponies ready for rehoming or by a monthly donation to help with the ongoing care of those that need sanctuary here. The link below is quick and easy to use to donate. Please help spread kindness this Christmas. Thank you for helping secure their futures.