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With your help The Hugs Foundation can reach its goal to continue to grow and touch the lives of many. Bringing positive change to the community and grow to a full centre of rehabilitation. 


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Here are a selection of the horses that we have successfully rehomed. 

Molly-June- Successfully Rehomed.

Molly-June (MJ) came to Hugs in April 2017.  After a rough start in life we are proud to say this gorgeous mare has fallen on her feet. MJ was in a horrible condition on arrival and had never been handled. She was 1 years old, big and wild. However she is now such a star…
Look at her with her new mummy in the show ring! 

Gatsby- Successfully Rehomed

Gatsby came to us in May 2017 he was soo young, so scared and covered in horrible hair mats. Look at this beautiful and confident boy now. He was successfully rehomed Novemeber 2018. Look out for him in the show ring in Cornwal!! 

Gandalf- Successfully Rehomed

This cheeky chap came to us as he was hard to manage plus had some medical problems that the owner was not able to afford… Well a few months down the line of treatment, rehabilitation and training and he was ready for rehoming. He was successfully rehomed in September 2017

Horses and Ponies Available for Rehoming.


Fern… What a gorgeous girl! 
Fern is a dartmoor pony who was born in 2017. She is a lovable little lady who is one of the first to greet you in the field. She is good to catch, lead and groom. 

Could you be her new best friend?


Diame was rescued from Chagford Market in 2018. He is a dartmoor pony type and only 4 months old. Once Diame has finished his rehabilitation he will be ready to be rehomed. 

Are you looking for a lovable young companion to bring on?


Ginger is looking for an owner who has the time and energy to put into a chestnut mare! She is a lovely girl, loves to be pampered and will follow you anywhere. She often works with clients who are looking to do free-rein work (no ropes – almost join up) and is AMAZING! 
She is NOT broken in but she long reins and has been sat on. She had a previous injury to her whithers which has led them to become flat and damanged. This has been vet checked and we have ensured she has no pain associated with the area. However she needs someone who can slowly bring her into work – be that ridden or fun free-rein/horse agility. 

She needs it.
She deserves it. 

Can you be her friend?


Coffee arrived in May 2019. She is a fun (cheeky) miniture pony. She is 14 years old and up to date on Vaccinations and medical care. 
Coffee would absolutely love to be pampered all day or be a show pony! She does have seperation problems which we are working on. 
This is only due to her living a very sheltered life with her small herd. Here at Hugs she has lots of opportunity to gain in confidence and trust.


Oh Belle, Whata beauty you are. Here she is in her winter warmers – but in her summer coat she is beauty. A proper dun shetland with a dorsel stripe.
She is still under assessment and we would like Belle to go to a home that is used to young shetlands. She can be a bit of a mischeif maker if given the chance. 

She could do well in a show ring and a lovely childs pony in the future! 


Oh Merlin, You are beautiful!!!

Merlin arrived in March 2019. He is a very nervous boy and is going to need a home where he can see the world and learn that life isn’t too scary. 

He is being lunged and longreined ready for his ridden career. Although he is fine with a rider on him- Merlin is VERY scared of being out and about with no one by his head. 

Could you be the special home that can help bring Merlin to his full potential?

He is going to be 7 in October and is aprrox 15.2hh.

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With your help The Hugs Foundation can reach its goal to continue to grow and touch the lives of many.