An Interview With April’s New Family

An Interview With April’s New Family

We interviewed April’s new family to find out why they chose April and what made them want to support our charity.

Hugs: Why did you choose to rehome a horse/pony and support The Hugs Foundation when there are so many rescues to choose from?

April’s New Family (ANF): We chose Hugs because we could see from our research (watching videos, lives, Facebook page etc) that the organisation deeply cares about its residents and its participants. The whole idea of helping people, adults and children alike, as well as helping animals, really appealed to us.

Hugs: Why did you want to offer a rescue horse/pony a home?

ANF: Offering a home to a rescue horse seemed like a very safe way to find a pony. We’ve little confidence in the horse community generally with many ponies sold for the wrong reasons, often with underlying issues, that don’t get highlighted. We knew that if we went to a recognised charity that we wouldn’t be lied to, the pony would be sound and we’d be helping not just a pony but a worthy cause.

Hugs: Why did you choose the lovely April?

ANF: April appealed to Vaughan initially as she was very cuddly and sweet. I found her to be confident and smart and very willing and felt she would fit into our lives very well. We know we have a lot of work to do to get her cooperating with us initially, but we know she’s a very sweet girl who will be a very lovely addition to our little herd. My heart was very firmly attached to Dickinson and still is, but April is the right choice for us at this stage. Her cheeky ways are winning me over and I know she’ll be under my skin in no time!!

Hugs: What does the future look like for you and April?

ANF: I plan to do lots of agility and groundwork with April and our hope is that she will be a riding pony for our grandchildren one day.

Hugs: What do you like about Hugs?

ANF: We love The Hugs Foundation because of the work you do with children and adults but also because it is so obvious how much you just love the animals and really do seem to enjoy what you do. You can witness the change in the horses as they become more and more confident and happy. It is lovely to see.

Hugs: What could Hugs improve on?

ANF: It’s hard to know what you could improve on. I love watching the live videos each day and I love seeing all the animals, it’s all become very familiar and I look forward to seeing you every day. I don’t really recall quite how I became aware of your organisation apart from it was on Facebook. So I suppose getting the message out more would be one thing you could improve on in the hope you get more exposure, awareness and funds. I’m happy to do my bit to help promote your work, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Hugs: You have very kindly chosen to support Hugs with a monthly donation as well as rehoming. What made you decide to support us in this way?

ANF: That was a no brainer. It’s clearly a worthy cause and I donate to the Donkey Sanctuary, Brooke, Cats Protection etc so it fits well with my preferred charities. I think it’s important to support causes that are not just local but really resonate with you and your organisation does just that.


Online Dog Show Is Live – Get Your Entries In!

Online Dog Show Is Live – Get Your Entries In!

Bella’s Online Dog Show started last Sunday (28th of June) and is running until 9pm on the 12th of July. It’s only £1 per class and is quick and easy to enter, plus the proceeds go to Hugs so go and have some fun whilst raising money for a great cause.
How to enter:
Choose which classes you would like to enter. Add your dog’s picture and name to the relevant classes in the comments. You can enter any class more than once but it must be a different picture. You may use the same picture for different classes. Entry is £1 per photo. Please make payment to PayPal account or you can message the page for BACs details.
Click the link below to find out more and get your entries in.
Please share with family and friends, lets get the word out and have some fun!
Online Dog Show Raising Fund For Hugs – Enter Your Pooch!

Online Dog Show Raising Fund For Hugs – Enter Your Pooch!

Calling all dog owners! Want to have some fun with your pooch and help raise funds for Hugs? Why not enter Bella’s Online Dog Show? The show will start on Sunday the 28th of June and run for 2 weeks. You can sponsor a class too if you like 🐶

Click the link below to find out more.

Please share with family and friends, lets get the word out and have some fun!

Big thank you to the organisers for choosing Hugs as their charity to support 💚

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Hugs Secures Funding To Continue ‘A Daily Hug’

Hugs Secures Funding To Continue ‘A Daily Hug’

A Daily Hug

We have some exciting news for our Facebook Live project. Not only have the amazing Mind donated funding from their Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund, but we have also been extremely lucky to have secured some funding from the Cornwall Community Foundation to help with the project too!

We are posting twice daily at 9am and 3pm so please tune in, get involved and share with your family and friends. Together we can help each other to improve our well-being.

Please vote for Hugs to win £1000

Please vote for Hugs to win £1000

Your nomination really counts

£1,000 will make a big difference to the life saving work we do helping both horse welfare and human well-being. That’s why we’d be really grateful if you could nominate us in the Ecclesiastical Movement for Good awards. The vote takes less than a minute of your time.

Your nomination could be the one that wins us £1,000. The awards are designed to give eligible charities in the UK and Republic of Ireland the financial assistance they need to help them make a real difference. In total, 500 charities stand to gain £1,000 and we’d love to be one of them.

It’s quick and easy to nominate us. Here’s the link to vote:

You’ll need these bits of info:

Charity number 1175633.

Charity type – You can pick any of the relevant options depending on why you support us. Some may choose animals, others health etc.

Who are you? Other, then you can pop in charity supporter into the box.

The closing date for nominations is Sunday 24 May 2020. The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of winning, so please spread the word to your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your time and support 💚