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Sponsor One of Our Animals

Thank you so much for considering sponsoring one of our rescue animals. It is always our aim to try and find a loving forever home for our animals but sadly this is not always possible due to their traumatic experiences or specialist medical care they require. Hugs will never put a healthy animal down, therefore, we are committed to ensuring our resident animals can live out their lives here at Hugs with the specialist care they require. Hugs provide everything they need including; feed, water, shelter, rugs for warmth and comfort, safety, love from our children, young people and staff and an engaging, stimulating and natural environment.

Your sponsorship not only ensures that we can continue to look after these residents and give them a healthy happy life but helps us deliver another of our main aims, to offer therapeutic interventions with some of the rescued horses, ponies and other animals for children, young people and those suffering mental ill health. For just £25 a year, you can help change the lives of both animals and children. For your sponsorship you will receive; a sponsorship certificate, information about your chosen animal, a photo, a bio-plastic Hugs pen, a window sticker and a visit (by appointment) to Hugs to see what we’re all about and meet the team.

Thank you for your kind interest in sponsoring an animal and helping to support our mission.


Height: 12.2hh

Breed: Welsh Section B

Born: May 2004

Joined: 2017

Kizzy arrived at Hugs with severe laminitis and could hardly walk. After careful rehabilitation she is now sound but has to be very careful monitored and managed to ensure she doesn’t get poorly again. She is loved by everyone here because she is so beautiful and is amazingly gentle with the children. She is also our resident unicorn (but don’t tell anyone, it’ll stop the magic).


Height: 10hh

Breed: Dartmoor cross Shetland

Born: 2017

Joined: 2017

Dude is known as the ‘celebrity’ of Hugs. He was rescued off the moors and was totally wild. After lots of care and love from the team here, he is now returning the kindness and care by visiting care homes and brightening peoples days. He also attends events and shows, he really is a star!


Height: 16.2hh

Breed: Shire/Dales cross

Born: Believed to be in his 20’s

Joined: August 2019

Marmite is a firm favourite at Hugs. Sadly, his owner could no longer look after him due to personal reasons so asked Hugs to help and give him a loving home. He is a big friendly giant and is used for grooming and horse interactions with the children and young people that attend sessions at Hugs. He is quite strong when ridden, so is only ridden by the staff here but he makes a great lead horse for our horses and ponies in training, giving them confidence and helping them see more of the world. Has also no idea of personal space in the field!

September 2020 update – Marmite has been extremlely lucky and found a foster home!


Height: 9hh

Breed: Shetland

Born: 1995

Joined: 2019

Misty was surrendered to Hugs with 4 other ponies. When she arrived she had laminitis, lice and mites. This was all treated, including having some special cloggs made for her feet but the vets have confirmed she sadly has cushings. There is no cure but fortunately the condition can be controlled with medication. Misty will be on medication for the rest of her life, but thanks to your support she can continue to have a happy, healthy life at Hugs. She is a lovely lady who can be impatient when it comes to food (can’t we all!). She absolutely loves being fussed by the children and just wants to be part of the team, she is happiest when she is roaming around the yard seeing what we are all up to!

Arthur and Merlin

Breed: Pygmy Goats

Born: Believed to be around 4 years old

Joined: 2019

These two are always up to mischief! They are incredible friendly (too friendly!) and are amazing with the children, always wanting to be involved. The children love teaching them tricks, like walking over the seesaw, and take them for walks round the farm. They are also excellent escape artists!!


Height: 9.1hh

Breed: Shetland

Born: Believed to be in his late 20’s

Joined: 2019

Jasper is our little chestnut (ginger) Shetland pony, often seen with Misty, they are known as the Hugs elderly couple! He also suffers from cushings and will be on medication for the rest of his life. Even so, he is a very happy little pony, although occasionally the grumpy old man comes out when he is telling naughty young ponies off! He is fab with the children and enjoys a pamper.

The Pigs – Babe, Bert, Ant and Dec

Breed: Kunekune

Born: 2017

Joined: 2018

These four are always a big hit on the farm, they are more like dogs than pigs and love nothing more than having belly rubs. Sadly their previous owner lost their land and had nowhere else for them to go so surrendered them to Hugs. They are great fun to watch, foraging for food and it’s always lovely to see them running over to greet people and they love interacting with the children (i.e. looking for food and treats!).

Dewey and Louie

Breed: Aylesbury

Born: Unknown

Joined: 2018

These two have very big personalities! Sadly their previous owner had to rehome them as they lost their land. They love swimming in their bath and are always running around trying to get involved with everyone and chatting away. They also confuse the office staff and make the children laugh by pecking on the office and classroom doors and are obsessed with their own reflections!

Bing, Frankie and Benny

Breed: Bing (rabbit) Frankie and Benny (guinea pigs)

Born: Unknown

Joined: 2018

Bing, Frankie and Benny were unwanted pets that now live permanently at Hugs. Not all people that visit Hugs like the bigger animals so these guys are awesome at giving cuddles and are incredibly cute as they chat away to you.

Billy, George and Missy

Breed: Moggies

Born: 2019

Joined: 2019

Billy, George and Missy were rescued as feral kittens hiding in the walls of someones caravan. They were incredibly nervous when they arrived and would not go near any human. After careful rehabilitation and care, it’s safe to say they are definitely no longer feral! In fact, they are often seen in the office annoying the office cat, Monty and stealing food!