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Rehoming a rescue horse is incredibly rewarding. Our list of horses available to rehome are below and on our Facebook page but there may be others that are undergoing their rehabilitation programmes and will be available soon.

If you are interested in rehoming a Hugs horse or pony and are located in the South West, please complete the rehoming application form (on the left to download) and submit online using the button to the right. Once we have your application we will be in touch for the next step of the rehoming process.

Please note, we are a small but dedicated team and therefore, are currently sadly unable to facilitate rehoming outside of the South West due to the time and resources taken to undertake initial and ongoing home checks. We are working alongside other charities so are hoping this may be an option in the future, but at the current time it is sadly not possible.

Please ensure you complete the entire form so we can find the right match for you. We cannot progress applications unless this form is completed in full. If you have any problems or questions regarding the form, please email

Thank you for your interest in giving a rescue horse/pony a loving home!

Horses and Ponies Available for Rehoming

(more photos of our available horses to rehome can be found on our Facebook page)


Height: 13.1hh

Breed: Mini Cob

Date of Birth: 2015

Arrived at Hugs: 2021

Suitable for: Possible teenager or small adult ridden pony with further education

Lovely Luna is super friendly and is good to catch, lead, handle, groom and to have her feet done. She arrived at Hugs with a group of mares as part of a welfare case. She has been well handled and is a really fun little pony. She is a lighter weight cob who could turn her hoof to most disciplines. She needs a confident handler to continue her education. She is bright and has a big personality and would suit a similar human.


Height: 11hh

Breed: Unknown but Moorland Pony type

Date of Birth: Estimated to be in his mid 20’s

Arrived at Hugs: 2020

Suitable for: Companion

Humbug is looking for a special home where he can be a companion and live out his retirement. He came into Hugs with a group of 12 ponies that had been surrendered by their owner as they could no longer look after them.


Height: 14.2hh

Breed: Cob x

Date of Birth: 2017

Arrived at Hugs: 2020

Likes/Dislikes: Boo loves being fussed and quiet one to one time in the stable.

Boo was surrendered to Hugs to save her as she was destined for the meat market. She has Horner’s syndrome, which means she head tilts, from a suspected broken vertebrae which may have been caused by an old injury left untreated. She loves being around people and learning new things and would excel at in-hand activities. She will require an experienced home to continue her education. Due to her condition, she will be available as a non-ridden pony only. With her Horners syndrome, she needs to wear UV protection (UV fly masks) or stabling on very sunny days as uveitis can be a common condition that occurs with Horners.


Height: 12.1hh

Breed: Mini cob

Date of Birth: Approximately 2015

Arrived at Hugs: 2019

Suitable for: Children’s or very small adult ridden pony in the future

Likes/Dislikes: Idris is quite a nervous chap but once he is confident in his handler, he is super to groom, pick up his feet, lead etc. He can be a bit difficult to catch because he is worried but this is improving daily.

Idris was rehomed in 2020 but sadly came back to Hugs during the pandemic. Whilst at his new home, he continued his training, longreining, getting used to tack and having someone sit on him. Since returning to Hugs, we have continued this work and he has been lightly ridden by a small adult. Idris is a super chap with a lot of potential but is very green and will need to continue his education. He will require an experienced home to build his confidence and continue desensitising him and gain his trust.


Height: 13hh currently but will make approximately 13.1hh

Breed: Cob x Welsh

Date of Birth: 2018

Arrived at Hugs: 2021

Suitable for: Potential ridden/driven in the future

Likes/Dislikes: Murphy is very interested in learning and loves being around people. He’s still learning to pick up his back feet but is getting better each time.

Murphy came into Hugs early in 2021 when his owner sadly passed away. He was still a stallion so he has been gelded and given some time to recover and mature. He is a quiet member of the herd, very sociable and friendly and is good to catch, lead, groom etc. He is a confident boy but hasn’t seen much of the world yet. He has started walking out in hand with an older pony and now longreining and is proving very sensible following them. Murphy is full of character and is going to be an amazing chap. He needs the perfect home to match!

Gloria - Reserved

Height: Approximately 12hh

Breed: Moorland

Date of Birth: 2015

Arrived at Hugs: 2020

Suitable for: Companion pony

Gloria is another of our ‘Dartmoor Dozen,’ a group of ponies that were surrendered to Hugs as their owner could no longer look after them. She was unhandled when she arrived so the team have been working with her to gain her trust. Over the last few months she has really come on but she will need a home that can continue her education and enjoys working with chestnut mares!


Height: To make 12.2hh

Breed: Dartmoor 

Date of Birth: 2021

Arrived at Hugs: 2021

Suitable for: Companion or future child’s pony

Likes/Dislikes: Loves carrots. Dislikes sharing food! 

Aggie was part of the group of 9 orphaned Dartmoors that were rescued in October 2021. She is now well handled, good to catch, groom, pick up feet etc. She is still a baby and will need to further her education.


Height: 12.2hh

Breed: Cob

Date of Birth: 2016

Arrived at Hugs: 2019

Suitable for: Potential children’s ridden pony, in-hand work, companion.

Likes/Dislikes: Penelope is very food orientated!

Penelope was one of three nameless cobs from Doncaster who arrived in March 2019. They were in appalling state. Thick matted coats hiding skin and bones. They were painfully thin. Although nervous they all came with a calm disposition and blossomed into lovely mares. Penelope is a quiet mare with an independent character. She is now well handled, has been long reined and has worn tack a few times, so is ready to continue her education.


Height: Approximately 13.2hh

Breed: Moorland

Date of Birth: 

Arrived at Hugs: 2017

Suitable for: Non-ridden pony, companion

Yogi is an incredibly handsome boy but sadly, due to his traumatic past, is only available as a companion. He is very nervous to catch in the field but he tries so hard to be brave and trusting. He is a very sweet pony, once you’ve caught him and is good with the farrier and to be groomed but he needs a special someone with patience and understanding to continue to bring him on. He will be a really rewarding pony for someone to love.


Height: To make approximately 12.2hh

Breed: Mini cob

Date of Birth: 2018

Arrived at Hugs: March 2020

Suitable for: Potential children’s pony, companion, possible driven.

Loves food and nose waffles. He is still learning to pick up his feet and wears a headcollar in the field but can be caught with food. He is very nervous but getting much better each day.

Dobby arrived at Hugs in March 2020 with 3 other horses (including Moomin and Dickinson) that were rescued from Surrey with the help of another charity and funding from the awesome Network for Animals. They had been abandoned and were in awful condition, covered in dirt with matted coats, lice and intestinal worms. Dobby was extremely nervous of people and is slowly building his confidence. He will now be caught and has seen the farrier and vet and was really brave. He is a very sweet boy but will need a home that can continue to build his confidence with people. This will take time but will be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Unfortunately Dobby also had sarcoids, tumor masses on his skin, which have being treated successfully. Our vets have now given him the all clear, so he is ready for his forever home.


Height: 16.2hh

Breed: Thoroughbred

Date of Birth: 2004

Arrived at Hugs: Beginning of 2021

Suitable for: Companion only. Non ridden contract

Likes/Dislikes: Loves a fuss and being around people. Bad weather.

Buddy came to Hugs with his friends when his elderly owner sadly passed away. He was raced as a youngster and unfortunately has an old knee and back injury which means he can no longer be ridden. Buddy is really friendly, loves cuddles and a pamper. He would suit a quiet, calm home in a small gelding herd. He is very good to handle but can have typical Thoroughbred moments when a lot is going on. When he’s quiet and settled, he is really well behaved in the field and is happy to stay on his own if another horse goes out riding. The busy life at a rescue centre isn’t his favourite place as there is a bit too much going on with changing horses and not enough one to one time for him, which he really deserves.   


Here are a selection of the horses that we have successfully rehomed. 

Molly-June Successfully Rehomed

Molly-June (MJ) came to Hugs in April 2017.  After a rough start in life we are proud to say this gorgeous mare has fallen on her feet. MJ was in a horrible condition on arrival and had never been handled. She was 1 years old, big and wild. However she is now such a star…
Look at her with her new mummy in the show ring!

Bonnie Successfully Rehomed

Bonnie arrived at Hugs in 2017 pregnant, underweight and full of lice and mites. She had been used as a broodmare and had had foal after foal and it was taking its toll on her. At Hugs she thrived and learnt lots of new skills including being ridden. She won the hearts of all staff, volunteers and children! She was an incredible therapy pony at Hugs, working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children, but when the perfect home came along, we were so happy she could finally have the love and care she really deserved from a family. Her adoptive owners update:

“Adopted from the wonderful Hugs Foundation our lovely cob mare, Bonnie, who has become the best friend of a little girl isolated from her school friends. with no siblings and also unable to attend her usual riding lessons. Bonnie has done us and Hugs proud.”

Bonnie’s adoptive owner

Bumbles Successfully Rehomed

Bumbles came to Hugs in November 2017 from a market sale. He was way too young to have even set foot in the sales ring. He was skinny and lethargic and desperately needed some care and compassion. Bumbles soon came round to the fact that humans are friends and Hugs were going to look after him. He became extremely friendly and even a little cheeky! But we loved his confidence!

After almost a year and a half at Hugs Bumbles was adopted by a lovely home where he had a lot of adventures, going to the beach etc. He began a little training with them and he got used to wearing some tack. Unfortunately, Bumbles returned to us through a change in circumstances, which was no fault of his own. However, in June 2020 Bumbles found his forever home. We are so excited to watch his journey and see how he progresses, he has turned into the most handsome, fun pony to have around and will be hugely missed on the yard.

Prince Successfully Rehomed

Prince came to us after unfortunate circumstances led him to being abandoned by his owner. He had a very cheeky character and was incredibly handsome. He is one of the very lucky ponies that found their forever families during the coronavirus pandemic. We love seeing his updates, he looks very happy in his new home, which is what Hugs is all about, finding ponies their happy ever after.  

Moomin Successfully Rehomed

Moomin arrived at Hugs in March 2020 with 3 other horses that were rescued from Surrey with the help of another charity and funding from the awesome Network for Animals. They had been abandoned and were in awful condition, covered in dirt with matted coats, lice and intestinal worms. He was an entire boy when he arrived and had a very complicated castration which resulted in a big operation. He featured on our Facebook Live project, A Daily Hug and had his own episode ‘Moo’s News on a Tues.’ He has been lucky to find an amazing forever home where he is very much enjoying life.

Jessie James Successfully Rehomed

Jessie was rescued with a group of young ponies who were abandoned. He grew into a very sweet, quiet boy and even learnt a few tricks with Hannah. He had a few very cute spots that appeared on his hindquarters as he got older. Due to his confirmation, he was available as a companion only and in April 2021, he found an amazing home.

Ella Successfully Rehomed

Ella arrived at Hugs totally wild with a few other moorland rescues. When she first arrived, Ella, or Cruella, when naughty, was incredibly nervous and quite defensive with it, kicking and panicking with human interactions. Over time she became one of the friendliest ponies at Hugs, often being the first over for nose tickles and entertaining. She was incredibly lucky to find a wonderful home with her friend DJ.

Margaret Successfully Rehomed

Margaret was one of the group that came in with Pickle. She was very lucky to be offered a foster home in winter 2020 and returned to Hugs in spring 2021 with a new confidence and lovely manners. She grew into an incredibly beautiful pony and found her family in June 2021. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this stunning mare.

Jiggy Jigsaw (AKA Melon) Successfully Rehomed

Jigsaw was born at Hugs. His mum was the lovely Frances who also found her forever home. Jigsaw was a very lucky boy and has been rehomed by one of our staff members, they just couldn’t resist his cuteness!

Hermione Successfully Rehomed

Hermione came to Hugs at just 3 months old and was sadly orphaned alongside Hay Jude and Fitzherbert. This beautiful pony had been with us for over a year and we are thrilled to see how well she’s settled into her new home.

Gatsby Successfully Rehomed

Gatsby came to us in May 2017. He was young, scared and covered in horrible hair mats. Look at this beautiful and confident boy now. He was successfully rehomed November 2018. Look out for him in the show ring in Cornwall, he’s already doing amazingly well and is incredibly well loved, as you can tell!

Merlin and Hettie Successfully Rehomed

Merlin came into us extremely nervous. The Hugs team worked hard to build his confidence with the world and he started to trust people and has been lucky enough to find an absolutely amazing home with another one of our rescue horses, Hettie.

The pair are getting on amazingly well. Merlin is just starting cantering, in an open field too! This is what makes our hard work worth it, rehabilitating these horses and ponies and finding them loving homes Bringing animals and people together for their mutual benefit and happiness and alleviating suffering is what Hugs is all about.💚

“What lucky people we are to have such wonderful horses and what a cracking team that you guys are at the wonderful hugs.”

Merlin and Hettie’s adoptive owner

Annie Successfully Rehomed (on right in photo)

In February 2019 we were contacted by another charity, Tia Rescue, to help with a huge welfare case. Around 80 horses and ponies were in danger after being left with no food or water in a South Yorkshire village. The conditions were so horrible that some horses had already sadly died, one being as young as 6 months old and many were very sick. Rescue charities pulled together to offer somewhere safe for the horses. Hugs helped take a few of the ponies to rehabilitate them back to health. Annie was one of the cobs we rescued and she was very skinny, covered in matted hair and was suffering from lice, intestinal worms and bacteria.

Annie and her friends were in a poor and sorry state. Underneath her thick matted coats was just skin and bone. The little herd were constantly being monitored by Hugs staff, on four feeds each a day and had three paddocks of grass to graze to help build their strength up and start gaining weight. Annie was only a year old when she came to us and had an awful start to life. When she arrived at Hugs she didn’t know how to be caught, groomed, led… let alone someone touch her feet!

Along her rehabilitation journey she learnt all these things. She also had rugs on and even became so relaxed that we dressed her up as a Christmas present for our Christmas open day! She is just FAB and in July 2020 she found her forever home. Good luck Annie and her new family, we can’t wait to watch you grow up and see what your future brings 💚.

See her journey in the video above.

Biscuit Successfully Rehomed

Biscuit was rescued just before the 2019 Chagford sales. Every year many ‘drifts’ occur across the moors. Here the moor ponies are rounded up by the farmers/owners and separated into their own stock. Biscuit was around 2 months old when she came to Hugs, far too young to be away from her mum. They all had huge worm burdens plus eye infections and severe rainscald! Unfortunately for Biscuit, her immune system was very run down and she was covered in infected scabs from rainscald so she was clipped and had medicated baths to treat in and help kill the bacteria. Luckily she fully recovered with no permanent damage. We did a lot of handling work with the rescues so they got used to having headcollars on (to make administration of medication easier!) plus we slowly got them used to being stroked and brushed. Biscuit found her home in August 2020. She is growing into a stunning pony with a very confident cheeky character. She’s always interested in what’s happening and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to with her new family.

Lottie Successfully Rehomed

Lottie Long Legs (now known as Duchess) was Mumma Mo’s huge foal. She was the spitting image of her mum and absolutely loved zooming around the field. She found an awesome home along with Primrose (Queenie). We get regular updates and love seeing the girls grow up.

Paddy and Guinness Successfully Rehomed

Hugs rescued Paddy (right in photo) and Guinness (left) in November 2017. They were only a few months old and were so weak that they could barely stand! They found an amazing home together but sadly, due to no fault of their own, they ended up back at Hugs. Both boys were lucky enough to find their forever homes in 2021 and they are both enjoying life with the new families. 

Fitzherbert Successfully Rehomed

Fitzherbert arrived at Hugs with Hermione and Hay Jude (now rehomed). They were orphan foals so needed a lot of extra care. He was wild on arrival and found it hard to trust humans so his training was a slow, steady progress. In September 2021, he found a lovely home to continue his education. 

Boris Successfully Rehomed

Boris was with a little herd of ponies that were rescued from the 2019 Chagford sales. Chagford saw 258 ponies sold out of 300+ ponies entered. Unfortunately this meant that some were left unsold and therefore with an unsecured future. Boris was one of 4 lucky ponies that Hugs came back with, 3 colts and a young skinny filly. Although they are supposed to be a minimum of 6 months old when they come through the sales, many are much younger. All 4 had huge worm burdens. They were all terrified and extremely stressed from being separated from their mothers during the drifts and going through the busy sale. Hugs spent a lot of time handling the ponies so they got used to having headcollars on (to make administration of medication easier!). The team also got them used to being stroked and brushed and their confidence grew. Boris has now found a fab forever home with his friend, Scrumpy. We can’t wait to see their adventures together!

Gandalf Successfully Rehomed

This cheeky chap came to us as he was hard to manage plus had some medical problems that the owner was not able to afford… Well a few months down the line of treatment, rehabilitation and training and he was ready for rehoming. He was successfully rehomed in September 2017

Fern Successfully Rehomed

Fern came from the moors totally wild and was sadly going to end up in the meat market had Hugs of not saved her. She really blossomed during her time at Hugs. She is a beautiful little girl with exceptionally good manners and is very trusting. She has finally found her home and got to arrive in style! Here is an update from her new adoptive owner:

“Our new companion pony did not take long to settle in and she is now the boss. Hugs provided all the information about Ferns character and everything was spot on. She has been an absolute delight and we all love her very much already. She is about have some training and hopefully be ridden in the near future. We promise to give regular updates on her progress. ❤🐴”

Fern’s adoptive owner

Natasha Successfully Rehomed

Natasha came in with Annie and Penelope from the huge rescue in Doncaster. She was the quietest one of the group, but she was very unsure about everything when she arrived. During her rehabilitation, she learnt to be handled, groomed, led and had her feet done with our farrier with no bother at all. We had to clip her coat, as she suffered with horrible skin conditions, sores and mattes of hair and we made the decision that we needed to give her coat a fresh start. During the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 she was lucky enough to find her forever home. Good luck Natasha, we know you will be loved and adored by your new family!

Mumma Mo (AKA Moana) Successfully Rehomed

Moana was one of five ponies rescued by Hugs after being abandoned fly grazing. They all arrived pregnant with terrible feet, lice, worms and in poor condition. She was well known for being absolutely huge during pregnancy and her foal, Lottie (now known as Duchess and also in a fab home), was absolutely beautiful and a complete mini me.

Primrose Successfully Rehomed

Primrose was the first foal to be born at Hugs during the coronavirus pandemic. She was very beautiful, just like her mum, Lady Rose. She is now known as Queenie and has found the most incredible home along with Lottie (Duchess).

Pickle Successfully Rehomed

Pickle was rescued just before the 2019 Chagford sales. Every year many ‘drifts’ occur across the moors. Here the moor ponies get rounded up by the farmers/owners and separated into their own stock. Each pony can then be checked, have any appropriate medical care etc before either being returned to the moors or sent to the auctions. Sadly many foals lose their mothers either in the rounding up on the moor or in the pens which means a very sudden and stressful weaning. Pickle was around 3 months old when he arrived at Hugs, far too young to be away from his mum. He came with a group of babies who all had HUGE WORM BURDENS plus eye infections and severe rainscald! After lots of love and care from the team at Hugs, Pickle was lucky to find his forever home in June 2021. He was a favourite with the team, due to his kind and sweet nature and they very much look forward to watching his future adventures.

Angelica Successfully Rehomed

Angelica was one of our ‘Dartmoor Dozen,’ a group of ponies that were surrendered to Hugs as their owner could no longer look after them. She was unhandled when she arrived so the team worked with her to gain her trust and increase her confidence. In June 2021 she went off to her forever home and the team couldn’t have been prouder of how far she had come. Good luck Jelly!

Taz Successfully Rehomed

Taz was surrendered to Hugs in 2021 as his owner could no longer care for him. He was a very eye catching spotty and as such, had been very spoilt in his younger years, so needed to work on his manners and boundaries! He loved human attention and was always the first to come trotting over to you in the field. It didn’t take him long to find his home!

Branston Successfully Rehomed

Branston was orphaned at the Dartmoor drifts and was too young to be away from his mother. He had a huge worm burden and rainscald and would likely have faced the bullet if he hadn’t come to Hugs. Branston is an incredibly sweet, handsome guy and has now found his forever home as a companion to another horse called Pickle!

Huckleberry Successfully Rehomed

Huckleberry arrived at Hugs in October 2018 following the Chagford Dartmoor Pony Sales. He was approximately only 6 weeks old when he arrived, scared, tiny and unable to even eat hay yet. He was put on a special diet including foal creep to give him the nutrition he should have been getting from his mother’s milk.

As Huckleberry became braver and stronger he absolutely flourished. He was great with the children who visit, looking after new ponies, causing mischief with his friends and he even had a little trip out to Pets at Home before his departure where he was definitely a huge hit with the public!

Dear little Huckleberry has certainly landed on his hooves having a special and loving new home to enjoy. He is now a very successful little show pony and finally has a loving family.


April was born here at Hugs (Gyspy is her mum). April is a very cheeky 2 year old! She was the boss of the herd when she was at Hugs (16hh horses bowed to her!), but was always genuinely a sweetheart and very caring. April’s confident attitude meant that she was often a favourite with the children and would happily stomp through obstacle courses or play football! In June 2020 she finally found her forever home and we couldn’t be happier for her.

See her story in the video above.

DJ Successfully Rehomed

Dude Junior was also rescued from the 2019 Chagford sales. We spotted DJ in one of the holding pens and had to do a double take! We checked the listing and realised he came from the same area as a certain ‘cool’ individual and we think he must be some sort of sibling to our awesome Dude and we had to help him.

He was rescued with 4 others, all of which had huge worm burdens, were terrified and extremely stressed from being separated from their mothers during the drifts and going through the busy sale. We had to handle them a lot in the beginning so they got used to having headcollars on (to make administration of medication easier!) And they were slowly introduced to being stroked and brushed all over. Dude Junior was very lucky, over the winter, to find a lovely foster home and returned to Hugs with excellent manners and ready to rehome! He is, of course, still a baby but he has a lovely attitude and is going to make a wonderful children’s pony. Good luck DJ and you new family!

Frances (AKA Baby) Successfully Rehomed

The beautiful Frances (AKA Baby from Dirty Dancing) came in with Moana’s group of abandoned, fly grazed, cobs and was pregnant, even though she was still a baby herself. She gave birth to the handsome Jigsaw. She was a firm favourite with the team here, due to her lovely nature, so it wasn’t hard to find her an amazing forever home.

Bramble Successfully Rehomed

Bramble came to us in 2017 and was VERY nervous. He was very lucky to be offered a foster home having one-to-one training and attention, helping build his confidence further and the amazing news is that they totally fell in loved with him and have rehomed him. Well done Bramble!

Magic Successfully Rehomed

Magic arrived at Hugs in 2017 emaciated, covered in lice and riddled with worms. He had been abandoned and had never been handled or known kindness. After his rehabilitation at Hugs he found a lovely home but sadly he arrived back at Hugs in 2020 through no fault of his own. It wasn’t long though until his new family found him and snapped him up. Just look at him now! Magic and his human have the best adventures exploring the woods and have even had fun at their first gymkhana. What a lovely happy ending for the pony we rescued in such a sorry state.

Gary Successfully Rehomed

Gary was a very handsome yearling Dartmoor x Welsh who arrived at Hugs in 2021. He was very friendly and inquisitive but could be a bit nervous, due to being a youngster. After some handling and time spent building trust with humans, he found his forever home in September 2021 with the lovely mini cob, Ellie. He is going to make a really handsome pony!

Ellie Successfully Rehomed

Ellie was not at Hugs for long before she found her home with another handsome Hugs rescue pony, Gary. She arrived relatively unhandled but proved to be very quiet and chilled out. We are looking forward to watching Ellie and Gary grow up together and seeing what they get up to. 

Lady Rose Successfully Rehomed

Lady Rose and her luscious locks! Lady Rose came to Hugs as part of a group of pregnant, abandoned fly grazing ponies in 2019. She gave birth to a beautiful baby who we named Primrose, who has also been rehomed and is now known as Queenie. Lady Rose earnt her title with her independent and feisty attitude! She is a very beautiful petite mini cob who loves people and found her forever home in 2021.

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