Hugs Online Horse show

Hugs Online Horse show

🚨 Exciting News 🚨
The Hugs Foundation are holding their very own online horse show!
To enter, Send in your photo to The Hugs Foundation FB page with your class number and horses name. Classes are £2 per entry (you can enter each class as many times as you like) Please send this via PayPal to and add you class number and horses name as reference. All images will then be submitted to the judges and prizes given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Rosettes from Cornish Rosette Co.) If you win your class you will be put into the supreme champion class where the public will vote for the winner who will receive a special prize.
Check out the poster to find all the classes and entry information!
A huge thank you to all our sponsors…
  • Penmellyn Equine Vets
  • Taylors Park Stud
  • Shane MacDonald
  • Tithe Hall Farm
  • Trebay Veterinary Physiotherapy
  • W Richards & Son
  • NB Saddlers
  • F.R.Bines and Grandson
  • Bloomfields Horseboxes
  • Sarah Louise Equine Sports Therapy
We cant wait to see all your photos! 😍
Keep your eyes peeled 👀 for pictures of prizes and Rosettes 🥇
Hugs Welcomes It’s First Veteran’s!

Hugs Welcomes It’s First Veteran’s!

This Tuesday Hugs had its very first Veteran’s Well-Being Day. It was a trial day run in partnership with The Veterans Farm-Able Foundation to help those suffering from a variety of problems including PTSD and the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life.
The day consisted of an introduction to Hugs, tour of the facilities, introduction to Equine Assisted Interventions and practical tasks, such as yard duties and animal care. The purpose of the trial day was to see what worked and what didn’t work, from both staff and participants points of view, to allow us to create a full project for a group of veterans to come to Hugs regularly.
The idea of the project is to enable and empower the veteran’s through working alongside the Hugs rescue ponies. The veterans will be contributing to making positive changes to the ponies lives, helping them rehabilitate and find their forever home and second chance. In turn, this will help the veterans to move on themselves, find a purpose in their own lives and build relationships once again.
• Increase general well-being
• Decrease symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety etc.
• Increase social inclusion
• Help with transition from military to civilian life
• Help find purpose and drive once more
• Help build relationships and trust with both humans and animals
• Create a support network of civilians and peers
• Recognition of coping strengths and abilities and acknowledgement and addressing of ability to adapt
Feedback from the trial day was excellent. All participants outwardly showed they were enjoying their time at Hugs and data collected showed a very clear positive increase in their mental well-being.
The next stage for Hugs, is to analyse feedback from the staff and participants and create a full project for groups of veterans from The Veterans Farm-Able Foundation to attend and hopefully secure funding to run the project. We will then look at reaching out to more veterans across Cornwall and Devon. Fingers crossed it can be organised and implemented in the near future, we all know help for veterans is very much needed.
Huge thank you to the staff at The Veterans Farm-Able Foundation and the participants for taking part. The team at Hugs are over the moon that their perseverance and passion in helping veterans well-being is becoming a reality 🥰
Chagford Sales 2020

Chagford Sales 2020

Chagford sales 2020! 💕
An incredibly successful day! There was over 300 horses and ponies at this years sale. All of which sold! Most for a decent price, some for an astonishing price! The success and transformation of this sale is purely down to the commitment and dedication of the smaller charities on dartmoor, farmers, volunteers and social media.
In the years that Hugs; as a charity has been attending the sales there has annually been a noted improvement in the management of the sale, the quality and health of the animals, the types of buyers and the price. The smaller charities and their volunteers have helped transform this market, which was demonstrated today with its success. Massive well done to those involved. You must be so proud and completely exhausted after all the preparation and a full day at the sale! Chagford market has proved that ‘small charities’ are able to make a difference.
If you are reading this post:
Then you are a follower of a small charity. To make a difference smaller charities like Hugs need YOUR donations, YOUR time and knowledge, YOUR dedication to help shape our future. With those key elements in place the smaller charities can continue to change the equine welfare and individual horses lives. If you were unable to attend the sale or were unsuccessful in bidding then please contact a local charity to rehome a dartmoor or hill pony type.
Hugs has a selection of yearlings that were unclaimed from last years drifts. They each have a Facebook album so please have a look at:
💖 Branston
💖 Pickle
💖 Ella
💖 Jessie
All have been well handled, castrated, vaccinated, microchipped, passported, wormed, have seen the farrier, vet and dentist if needed. Each for just a £250 donation. A lot cheaper than some of their siblings went for yesterday at the sale! Hugs will have some older mares available once they have finished their vaccination and handling process.
If you would like to find out more about donating to a small charity then please follow
To find out how to help hugs continue to help with equine welfare. Well done to all involved in Chagford from Hugs 💚
Hugs Has It’s Very Own Horsebox!

Hugs Has It’s Very Own Horsebox!

The incredible Pets at Home’s charity, Support Adoption For Pets, donated an awesome £20,000 for Hugs to buy our very own horsebox! The fab Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust also donated towards the box and the staff at Pets at Home in Bodmin are continuing to do an amazing job for us, raising funds as we are their Charity of the Year.

We are absolutely thrilled as this means we can undertake rescues and emergency vet visits more efficiently, take our equines to their new homes ourselves to wave a fond goodbye and do more welfare visits to care homes, schools and other organisations (once restrictions allow). It also means the money previously spent on hiring a horsebox can go towards things such as feed and specialist medication.

We have already taken several ponies to their forever homes and it’s so amazing to be able to wave them goodbye and see them settle with their new families. We are so proud of this charity, it’s wonderful team and all our fabulous supporters. Thank you to all for joining us on our mission to make positive changes to the lives of horses and humans!

An Interview With April’s New Family

An Interview With April’s New Family

We interviewed April’s new family to find out why they chose April and what made them want to support our charity.

Hugs: Why did you choose to rehome a horse/pony and support The Hugs Foundation when there are so many rescues to choose from?

April’s New Family (ANF): We chose Hugs because we could see from our research (watching videos, lives, Facebook page etc) that the organisation deeply cares about its residents and its participants. The whole idea of helping people, adults and children alike, as well as helping animals, really appealed to us.

Hugs: Why did you want to offer a rescue horse/pony a home?

ANF: Offering a home to a rescue horse seemed like a very safe way to find a pony. We’ve little confidence in the horse community generally with many ponies sold for the wrong reasons, often with underlying issues, that don’t get highlighted. We knew that if we went to a recognised charity that we wouldn’t be lied to, the pony would be sound and we’d be helping not just a pony but a worthy cause.

Hugs: Why did you choose the lovely April?

ANF: April appealed to Vaughan initially as she was very cuddly and sweet. I found her to be confident and smart and very willing and felt she would fit into our lives very well. We know we have a lot of work to do to get her cooperating with us initially, but we know she’s a very sweet girl who will be a very lovely addition to our little herd. My heart was very firmly attached to Dickinson and still is, but April is the right choice for us at this stage. Her cheeky ways are winning me over and I know she’ll be under my skin in no time!!

Hugs: What does the future look like for you and April?

ANF: I plan to do lots of agility and groundwork with April and our hope is that she will be a riding pony for our grandchildren one day.

Hugs: What do you like about Hugs?

ANF: We love The Hugs Foundation because of the work you do with children and adults but also because it is so obvious how much you just love the animals and really do seem to enjoy what you do. You can witness the change in the horses as they become more and more confident and happy. It is lovely to see.

Hugs: What could Hugs improve on?

ANF: It’s hard to know what you could improve on. I love watching the live videos each day and I love seeing all the animals, it’s all become very familiar and I look forward to seeing you every day. I don’t really recall quite how I became aware of your organisation apart from it was on Facebook. So I suppose getting the message out more would be one thing you could improve on in the hope you get more exposure, awareness and funds. I’m happy to do my bit to help promote your work, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Hugs: You have very kindly chosen to support Hugs with a monthly donation as well as rehoming. What made you decide to support us in this way?

ANF: That was a no brainer. It’s clearly a worthy cause and I donate to the Donkey Sanctuary, Brooke, Cats Protection etc so it fits well with my preferred charities. I think it’s important to support causes that are not just local but really resonate with you and your organisation does just that.