Our Donors and Supporters


Our Donors and Supporters

The Hugs Foundation is a registered Charity and relies solely on funding and donations from individuals, companies and organisations to carry out it’s missions to help both horses and humans in need.

The money we receive enables us to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted, abandoned and abused horses and ponies. It also allows us to reach children, young people and the elderly, who are either suffering from; mental ill health, social isolation, deprivation, disadvantages and disabilities. We help increase their mental well-being and improve their lives through supportive and therapeutic interventions with outcomes including; increased sociability, improved self-esteem, positive re-integration back into school or training, re-engagement and building family relationships, decreased negative behaviours and suicidal thoughts and learning coping mechanisms and resilience for long term impact.

The work we do is life saving for both horses and humans so thank you to everyone that donates, you are helping to make these positive changes and are part of our incredible story.

Below is a list of companies and organisations that have donated and supported our mission. Thank you to all, we couldn’t do this without you!


If you would like to donate or support our charity in any way please contact our Charity Fundraiser Laura Dennis on laura@hugsfoundation.org.uk or 07948 404988.