Successfully Rehomed!

Successfully Rehomed!

Succesfully re-homed!After spending 1 year and 9 months here at Hugs Batman & Robin have finally found their new forever home!

Batman & Robin were broken in by Sue-Joy Keeping and before they had even finished their training they were reserved!

They finally moved into their new home on 17th June. The team are so proud of how far they have come and we are so glad they have gone as a pair.

They are now going to spend a life time of being spoilt and they are going to be teaching children how to ride on the beach😱


Paddy & Guinness were saved from Chagford market back in 2017. They have blossomed as a pair and we have always wanted them to be re-homed together and it finally happened!

These two gorgeous boys have found their new forever home up in Surrey.

They are going to be joining a herd of working driving horses and when they reach the right age they will be broken to drive too!

They have an amazing opportunity ahead of them with lots of love, training, knowledge and friends. They certainly landed on their feet the day they were rescued!